THE PRIMITIVE LIFE ORGANIC MILK PAINT FOR FURNITURE AND WALLS is a re-creation of the ancient milk paint formula used for centuries before the sale of commercially made paints. It comes in rich colors that are durable and do not fade. Also, since our milk paint is made from elements that pre-date the use of petrochemicals and other toxic bases and solvents, it is biodegradable, non-toxic, odor-free when dry, and MADE IN THE USA. The Primitive Life Organic Milk Paint is preferred by those who are chemically sensitive and those sensitive to the need to protect the environment. Here are a few ways to use The Primitive Life Organic Milk Paint:
  • Our milk paint can be painted on most clean, dry surfaces including bare wood, painted or stained surfaces, and dry wall. Once cured it develops good water resistance.
  • Where traditional milk paint is known for its flat, uneven, somewhat streaky appearance, The Primitive Life Milk Paint has a more uniform appearance, while still very flat.
  • If you want a more translucent or washed look simply add more water.
  • It is fine for all interior wall applications both residential and commercial, including hospitals, retirement homes, schools, nurseries, offices, stores and public areas used by people allergic or otherwise sensitive to chemically based paints.

  • The Primitive Life Milk Paint is also great for distressing and gives you an unmatched authentic antique appearance.
Where it all began....The Primitive Life Organic Milk Paint came from a love of all things primitive and the desire to be able to create an authentic look without having to spend alot of money. Though original finish peices are always most desirable, sometimes it just isn't in the budget! Owner and Founder, Dawn Williams owns and operates a Primitive and American Country antique store in a small town in Central Florida.The store is in a restored early 1900's home with hardwood floors and original fireplace!  When Pigs Fly is a dream come true for Dawn and her sister Cassie. Cassie also owns the popular primitive pattern company, The Old Glory Company. So you can see...Prim collecting and creating is a way of life around here!
Dawn and her husband Britt were tired of trying to create a historically correct, authentic looking finish on their furniture projects. Chalk paint or ordinary latex just was not getting the job done....soooooo, they did the simple thing and started their own paint company...ha! Not quite, it took literally zillions of hours of research, testing , planning, and testing some more until they were satisfied that they were offering the VERY best milk paint that money could buy...and here it is, The Primitive Life Organic Milk Paint. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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